NORMI Certified Mold Inspection Services
NORMI Certified Mold Remediation Services

We completely restore properties to a healthy, ‘Clean N Dry’ condition. It’s what we do! Let our fast & reliable Clean N Dry Mold Team go to work for you!

Did you know? For insurance purposes and to protect consumers, two different companies must participate in mold inspection and mold remediation. The same company that inspects and identifies the mold may not also remediate the mold. Clean N Dry has a stellar reputation and works well with other reputable companies to get the job done.

Our experienced Mold Certified technicians have seen everything. From simple unknown leaks that create hidden mold to mold that has grown in the walls and floors of entire homes that require significant remediation and remodeling.

We have worked with every major insurer in the U.S. and have the proper equipment, certification, trained technicians and specialists to manage every step of a mold job. You can trust our extensive experience and the pride we take in our work. We maintain the proper processes and record keeping needed for insurance companies and your peace of mind.

Mold isn’t just ugly, mold is alive. It steadily grows, expels spores into the air you breath and can quickly become a very serious health risk. Especially vulnerable are babies, children, and seniors who may have underdeveloped or depreciated immune systems. Adults with compromised immune systems from disease or allergies and also anyone who has weakened lungs or sinuses may experience acute respiratory distress or ongoing coughs and sinus infections from mold and spores.

The CDC weighs in on mold by saying all molds should be cleaned up and removed from living areas. Insurance companies agree and legislation exists in every state to protect homeowners, renters, hotel and motel guests, children attending schools, and those who patron public and private buildings. Everyone agrees, mold is dangerous and should be safely identified, removed, remediated, and prevented.

If you need a building or property inspected and/or treated for mold, give our Clean N Dry Mold Team a call. We will help you navigate the process by explaining what the process is and setting realistic expectations for the timeline and the physical labor. We can also help you identify the other participating company and put you in contact with those you can trust.

When facing a possible mold problem, you should look for a company who has the following traits:

  • Certification in both Identification and Remediation Work
  • Experience in both Identification and Remediation Jobs
  • Good Reputation for Representing Customers Needs First
  • Good Reputation for Working Well with Other Reputable Mold Remediation Companies
  • Good Reputation for Bringing Properties Back to Pre-Loss Condition – Fast
  • Good Reputation for Quality Workmanship
  • History & Experience of Working with and for Every Major Insurer in the U.S.

The Clean N Dry MOLD REMEDIATION TEAMS have the experience and certifications you need to be SURE the job is done right. 

We offer mold inspection and mold remediation services to both commercial and residential customers throughout Central Florida and will travel further for larger jobs and our commercial franchise clients.

When you need help, you can count on us. We’ve seen how devastating this type of damage can be, and we take pride in taking the stress off and getting the job done for you. We are happy to provide the education you need about MOLD to keep your property and environment ‘Clean N Dry’, free from mold in the air, air ducts, walls, panels, floors, sub-floors, and anywhere water may leak, sit, or flood into. It takes only 72 hours for mold to turn dangerous to human health.

When it’s time to make a decision for mold remediation or mold inspection services, call Clean N Dry.

We have the experience, knowledge, response time, reliability, processes, credibility with insurers, customer first attitude, and the dedication to providing the top-rated services that you need.

When you are experiencing disaster and have moments to make a decision for water restoration services, call Clean N Dry. You can count on us.

Our teams are extremely experienced, knowledgeable, on the scene with fast response times, reliable and trustworthy, thoughtful in their processes, and we have experience and credibility with insurers. Our customer first attitude is the cherry on top as we provide the services that you need.


Our water restoration teams are IICRC Clean Trust Trained and Certified. Keeping our team up to date with the latest training and best practices ensures jobs completed correctly, professionally, and completely.

We maintain the proper licenses, insurance, continuing education, and customer satisfaction ratings to be included on the largest insurance company referral lists, yet we are locally family owned and operated for the personal care and commitment you need during a tragedy. We have worked with AND ARE APPROVED WITH every major insurer and continue to put our customers first. You choose us, and we work with the insurance company FOR YOU.

Our teams and technicians have worked in every type of personal residence; from apartments to mansions and also for every major hotel chain and many commercial businesses in Central Florida. We have great references from consistently providing professional results. Choose a company that has experience, is trustworthy in your home, and who knows how to get the job done right.

Please take the time to read our reviews. We take pride in our work and helping families and businesses get back to their pre-loss condition. When things go wrong, you need help that will get the job done correctly. When you see the Clean N Dry trucks show up, you know you’ll get great service and excellent results.

From our good standing with the Better Business Bureau and every major insurer in the U.S. to our stellar customer reviews and references, you know you’re in good hands and can have confidence in good outcomes when you work with CLEAN N DRY.

When You See CLEAN N DRY Pull Up, You Know You Can look Forward To Great Service And Great Results!

pamela peterson
pamela peterson
16:08 02 Aug 19
Chad and his entire crew has been amazing at meeting our expectations. They get the job done and are a pleasure to do business with. Booking process is always easy, thanks to Estella's fantastic professional communication skills. I recommend them to everyone!!!!read more
Jenna Beaulieu
Jenna Beaulieu
21:51 31 Jul 19
A++ Service! I cannot begin to explain how helpful and pleasant this company was to my family and I! We recently discovered mold in my rental home, all throughout my ducts and AC handler. I immediately reached out to mold restoration companies and Chad was the first to call. After speaking with him, I knew this company was kind hearted and truly cared about the people affected by situations such as this. He did not try to upsell me or anything of that matter, if anything he was VERY informative and shared some experiences to ease my concerns. I decided to go with Clean N Dry because I could sense such integrity from them. Chad was able to arrange a last minute visit the same day! I am so happy and relieved I choose such a reputable company that goes above and beyond for their clients, as they answered my call every time and met all of my needs. You won't go wrong with choosing Clean N Dry for ANY service!read more
Sherry Maddox
Sherry Maddox
00:42 31 Jul 19
Clean and Dry employ very responsible people. Nice group of people the kind you want when your life gets turned up side down...Hurricane Michael, Category 5! They get the job done and are a pleasure to do business with. They took down to studs and they left my house so clean you could eat off the floors, unbelievable! Would use them again, but hoping I never have to!read more
Martin Padron
Martin Padron
00:33 14 Jul 19
Even though we only needed them for an inspection issue, they were prompt and very thorough. David took the time to go through the area and explain everything he was more
Sharonda Robinson
Sharonda Robinson
20:52 27 Mar 19
Brandon was freaking awesome!!! He explained everything in detail that he would be doing. I felt confident that my dryer would function properly the next time I used it. I hope it cuts down on my electric bill, not to mention he's fine!!! Thanks Brandon!!!read more
Angela Powell
Angela Powell
22:01 15 Mar 19
Toddlers, cats and large dogs make maintaining clean floors tough. I am so glad that Clean N Dry was recommended to me as they were affordable, booking process was easy and the end result of my tile cleaning was fantastic. The staff was professional and ensured I was happy with the results before they left. I will definitely use them again!read more
Alicia Corey
Alicia Corey
16:59 15 Feb 19
The owner Chad went out of his way to accommodate me after my house sustained an amount of damage that made it unlivable for me and my children. He not only fully explained the mold and mitigation process but gave me good information on proceeding with my insurance claim and rebuild. As I was going through serious medical issues at this time as well, Chad was truly an angel for me and my kids. I will never recommend another mold and mitigation company besides this one. Thank you, Clean N Dry!read more
Delilah O'Leary
Delilah O'Leary
15:15 28 Jan 19
Our new home was hit by Hurricane Florence in September 2018. Upon discovering mold growing on the drywall I called Clean and Dry and met with David. David explained the process to me and put my mind at ease. Anthony and a crew showed up and starting working on getting wet drywall and insulation removed. The entire east wall of our home was breached with water. Anthony and his crew were very professional, personable and caring during a most difficult more
Rick Snider
Rick Snider
15:46 24 Jan 19
Chad and his crew are amazingly proficient at what they do. From start to finish, the entire process was handled promptly, efficiently and cheerfully. Chad also interceded with the insurance company when we had some issues. Overall, we were very happy to have our home properly cleaned and made ready for reconstruction after our hurricane. Great folks to work with and we highly recommend them to anyone who needs mitigation more
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