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Commercial Solid Surface Floor Stripping & Waxing Services
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Commercial Floor Stripping and Waxing Services

Floor Stripping and Waxing

Our solid surface, vinyl, VTC or vinyl tile composite commercial flooring stripping and waxing services are performed by our solid surface specialists to ensure consistent results.

We offer three levels of service in stripping and waxing for solid surface commercial flooring depending on the age and shape of the floors.

Our Full Restorative Stripping and Waxing Service is most commonly performed on existing floors that experience high traffic in commercial applications and/or floors that have not been re-waxed soon enough after their initial wax or after a thorough stripping and waxing service. This service offers stripping of existing wax down to the solid surface, cleaning the base surface, and re-waxing the floor in multiple coats for maximum durability, then finally burnish buffing at 1,500 RPM to a high gloss, durable shine. This should be maintained with a deep clean and re-wax or a deep clean and high speed burnish every 3 to 6 months, depending on traffic.

Our Deep Clean and Re-Wax Service or our Deep Clean and High Speed Burnish Service are perfect for solid surface waxed floors that are still in decent shape and are just starting to show signs of wear such as yellowing, dullness, scratches, and scuff marks. This is the ideal time to have solid surface floors deep cleaned and re-waxed or deep cleaned and burnished to a shine. Our solid surface technicians can help you determine which is best for your floors and answer any questions you may have. We offer maintenance plans and packages to ensure a year-round high quality, clean look for our commercial clients.

And finally, our Floor Birth Initial Clean and Wax Service provides new solid surface, vinyl, and VTC or vinyl tile composite floors with the proper amount of wax and burnish to remain durable with a high polished shine. In order to protect the investment of new VTC floors and solid surface floors,  the initial requirement is between 3 and 5 coats of wax carefully and evenly applied, followed by high speed burnish buffing to a high gloss shine. This should be maintained every 3 to 6 months with a maintenance deep clean and re-wax or deep clean and burnish, depending on traffic, to maintain their condition and shine. Having your floors treated properly from the start will ensure the best life and the best look of quality flooring.

Our high speed burnish hot buffs the wax at 1,500 RPM to ensure the commercial quality high gloss and durable shine your vinyl floors are capable of.

For all our solid surface, VTC and vinyl floor clients, we highly recommend a neutral PH cleaner between professional services to maintain clean floors without breaking down the wax, protection and shine prematurely.

It's always our goal to bring your floors to their best possible shape and look with a gorgeous and consistent no-slip shine. High traffic, we've got your number.

For our residential customers who may have VTC in their homes, we will happily provide you and your floors the commercial treatment to protect the life of your investment.

The benefits of the pride we take in our work and our top of the line equipment can be seen and felt. We know VTC and solid surface floors and we proudly Clean N Dry the city of Orlando and all of Central Florida, coast to coast!

Give us a call and find out how our experienced and courteous technicians can bring your floors back to beautiful!


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