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  • What IS permitted to be put in my Dumpster Today rental?

      Dishwashers, stoves, microwaves, washers, dryers are okay BUT REFRIGERATORS or AIR CONDITIONING UNITS ARE NOT ALLOWED (See NOT permitted below)
      TVs, computers, printers and other personal electronics in small quantities are allowed.
      Chairs, tables, night stands, bookshelves, beds, and mattress are okay.
      Limbs, shrubs, dirt, and leaves are allowed but you CAN NOT MIX YARD WASTE WITH ANY OTHER MATERIAL. This means you may not mix this debris in the same dumpster with other household or construction trash.
      This includes all uncontaminated and non-hazardous materials. Most damaged building materials and yard waste are ok, provided they fall within the debris restrictions of the service area.
      These items are allowed but BE AWARE (1) that these items are heavy and may cause you to go over your maximum weight limit per dumpster, which will cause you to incur additional charges. BE AWARE (2) these items require extra care when being placed into the dumpster to avoid damage to the dumpster, which will cause you to incur additional charges.
      If completely empty these can be put in the dumpster but if they are full or even partially full they are prohibited.
  • What is NOT permitted to be put in my Dumpster Today rental?
  • How do I know if a product is HAZARDOUS?
    • Assume a product is hazardous if the label contains ANY of the following words: Pesticide, fertilizer, warning, poison, acid, danger, caustic, flammable.
  • Will the dumpster rental damage my driveway?
    • Usually not however the trucks used for delivery plus the weight of a full roll off dumpster can be very heavy. We recommend you have plywood and/or lumber for our delivery driver to place under the wheels and legs of the dumpster. Dumpster Today assumes no liability and is not responsible for any damage to any property.
  • How do I schedule the pick-up of my dumpster?
    • All dumpster rentals are automatically scheduled for pick up on the 5th day (if the 5th day falls on a Sunday or holiday then dumpster will automatically be scheduled for the following day. To schedule an early pick-up simply go online and modify your reservation, or call or email us to schedule. We will do or best to accommodate you.
  • How do I change or cancel my Dumpster Today rental order?
    • You may update your reservation online or give us a call at (407) 801-DUMP (3867).
      Any changes to orders must be made 24 hours before the scheduled delivery of the dumpster. Orders must be canceled at least 24 hours prior to scheduled delivery in order to avoid a trip charge (trip charge range from $100 to $175).
  • What does the Dumpster Today rental price include?
    • The price of a dumpster rental includes a one-time delivery and pick-up for the selected roll off container size and dumping the agreed upon disposal allowance weight, plus fuel and environmental fees and taxes associated with the dumpster size and weight ordered. If a dumpster is kept longer, is damaged, has inappropriate waste in it, or has more weight in than was ordered, additional charges will be incurred by the renter.  All waste will be disposed of in a fully approved and licensed disposal facility.
  • What IS NOT included in the dumpster rental price?
    • Pricing does not include any additional hauls requested, any overage of agreed upon days of rental or weight (weight will be rounded up to the nearest ton), any damage to dumpsters, any inappropriate waste filling of dumpster. Any of the above misuses of the rental dumpster will incur additional charges to the renter.
  • Is there a weight limit on my dumpster?
    • Each container has a specific MAX WEIGHT limit of 5 tons (10,000 lbs.)
    • Our standard dumpster rentals include 1 ton (2,000 lbs.) for each dumpster.
  • What happens if I go over my weight limit?
    • Any additional weight is rounded up to the next ton and is billed $79 per additional ton.
    • We can help you estimate if you are unsure but you are responsible for the actual weight and will be billed and charged for the additional costs associated with that disposal per the terms of the agreement.
    • Most household rentals fall within the 1 ton included in our base rental price.
  • What happens if I put prohibited/hazardous material in my dumpster?
    • We will charge the credit card on file the fee we get charged for any and all prohibited/hazardous material in the dumpster as well as a $250 container cleaning fee.
  • Can the dumpster be placed on the street?
    • Please check with your local municipality. Permits are often required for dumpsters to be placed on the street and sometimes this is expressly prohibited.
    • Dumpster today is not responsible for any fines/fees from HOA’s or local code enforcement that a renter incurs AND any fines or costs Dumpster Today incurs for following directions of a renter. Renter will be charged.
  • Do I have to be home during pick up or delivery?
    • It is preferred, but not necessary, to have someone over the age of 18 onsite for delivery and removal of the dumpster rental. If an onsite contact is not available for delivery, you will be responsible for all charges involved with relocation of the dumpster if necessary.
    • Please be as specific as possible when answering delivery questions, as the driver will use their best judgment and place the roll off container in the safest accessible area when delivering the dumpster.
    • For removal; customer agrees to provide unobstructed access to the dumpster rental equipment on the scheduled pick up day; if the dumpster rental is inaccessible, customer is subject to additional pick up charges, as per terms and conditions apply to agreement.
  • How much room do I need for the dumpster?
    • It is recommended to allow 5 feet of clearance on all sides of the dumpster to assure adequate clearance. Please refer to our dumpster selection guide for dumpster dimensions.
  • What if I need the dumpster longer than my agreed time?
    • Simply update your rental online or call to arrange additional days needed.
  • What if I need the dumpster dumped before my project is done?
    • Please call us if you need the dumpster emptied and returned to you. There will be a repeat charge equal to the amount paid for your previous dumpster.
  • Is emergency dumpster delivery or service available?
    • YES! We can deliver dumpsters after hours or with short notice (as long as we have one available), however an after hour fee / emergency fee may apply.  Locally the fee is usually $150 plus the dumpster rental fee.
  • How tall is my dumpster?
    • 12 yard dumpsters are 43 inches (3 feet 7 inches) tall
    • 16 yard dumpsters are 63 inches (5 feet 3 inches ) tall
    • Please note that regardless of the dumpster height, our delivery truck needs 9 feet of clearance to enter/exit and 14 feet of clearance to tilt (load and unload).
  • Dimensions of a 12 yard dumpster?
    • 7 feet wide X 12 feet Long X 43 inches tall
  • Dimensions of a 16 yard dumpster?
    • 7 feet wide x 12 feet long x 63 inches tall
  • Can I walk/carry items into the dumpster?
    • YES! All of our dumpster have barn doors on the rear that allow you to walk right into them and load large items.
  • What if driver cannot access my dumpster when he comes to pick it up (car in the way, etc.)?
    • If driver cannot access the dumpster for any reason (customers fault or not), customer will be billed a trip charge (trip charge range from $100 to $175 based on location).
    • If missed pick up causes dumpster to be at property for longer than contracted time then customer will also be billed per day until dumpster is picked up (typical additional day(s) range from $15 to $25 per day).
  • What if my dumpster is too heavy to lift or unsafe?
    • If a dumpster is over loaded (over 5 tons/10,000 lbs.) and deemed unsafe by the driver due to weight, the customer will be billed a trip charge (trip charge range from $100 to $175 based on location).
    • The customer will have to unload the dumpster at his or her charge to a safe weight.
    • If the customer is unable to unload to a safe weight then Dumpster Today will have to deliver an additional dumpster and charge an additional $75 a man hour, rounded up to each next hour, along with the additional dumpster charges to unload to a safe weight before removing dumpster. In the case a back hoe or additional equipment is need customer will also cover those charges.
  • What if I damage the dumpster(s)?
    • Trash can be dirty and normal use dealing with trash is to be expected. Any substantial or material damage done to a dumpster will be billed to the renter. Denting it, damaging doors, hinges, scratching paint on outside, over loading it, loading it with items that tear it up or dent it are some types of damage that Dumpster Today will charge a renter for.  You will be billed for repair and for the loss of use while dumpsters are down for repairs.
  • What if my credit card doesn’t go through or work?
    • If your credit card doesn’t go through, a Dumpster Today representative will call you to get another credit card or arrange for a different method of payment. You can contact us at (407) -801-DUMP to arrange another form of payment or to use a different credit card. Sometimes this happens due to no fault of your own. Web processed credit card transactions occasionally trigger card servicers for possible fraudulent activity. In this case you may need to contact them first to remove the hold on the card.
  • How do I reach customer service?
  • What happens if I go over the top of the dumpster?
    • Dumpsters can NEVER be loaded over the side walls for any reason. Do not do this.
    • If dumpsters are loaded above the sidewalls, Dumpster Today may refuse pick up the dumpster and will charge customer a trip charge (trip charge range from $100 to $175) plus the customer will have to unload the dumpster at his or her own expense and time to below the side wall top.
    • If the customer is unable to unload to the approved level, Dumpster Today will have to deliver an additional dumpster and charge an additional $75 a man hour, rounded up to each next hour, along with the additional dumpster charges to unload to a safe level before removing dumpster. In the case a back hoe or additional equipment is need customer will also cover those charges.
  • How high can I stack trash in the dumpster?
    • You can stack all the way to the top of the sidewalls. Dumpsters May never be loaded above the sidewalls.
  • How can I avoid extra weight from rain?
    • It’s always a good idea to cover your dumpster with a tarp if it is going to rain, especially if you are loading it with items that retain water such as carpet, mattress, and other absorbent items.
  • What are my payment options?
    • Dumpster today accepts all major credit cards and cash. Since all dumpsters must be paid for before delivery and a credit card must go on file (even for cash pay in case of overage charges), most clients pay online with their credit card. Repeat customers with an active, ongoing account with us may pay by check. Cash payments must be made at our location 48 hours prior to delivery.

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