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Low Pressure Paver Cleaning and Sealing

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Residential Pressure Washing Services


We offer both high Pressure and Low Pressure Washing – and have the experience and knowledge to help you determine and chose the correct level of pressure for any jobs you may have. 

High Pressure Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

We offer high pressure, pressure washing and durable sealing services for exterior concrete flooring, sidewalks, parking garages, and curbs. With our commercial-grade equipment, we have the right pressure, the needed heat, and enough eqiupment length to meet the demands of commercial properties, including those with multiple stories.

While primarily designed for commercial clients, we also offer exterior, high pressure, pressure washing and sealing services to our residential customers.

When we clean buildings and houses we use our low pressure cleaning system, with the proper amount of pressure for the painted or sealed surface.  For some surfaces low pressure, along with our signature pre-emulsifier, works better to remove mold, spider webs, algae, mildew and dirt.  We do not use high pressure on buildings or houses because paint is only warranted up to 1200 psi. In addition, high pressure cleaning can penetrate windows, window seals, and doors similarly to a hurricane driven rain or really bad storm.

Don’t be impressed with promises of high pressure (psi) from professionals. You never want a “professional” using 4000 psi pressure to clean your home or building!

Low Pressure Paver Cleaning & Sealing

We offer a low pressure, pressure washing system and durable sealing services for exterior surfaces that require a more gentle cleaning action to maintain the integrity of surfaces and/or their warranty.

Paver, brick, stone, wood, and painted walls, buildings, or surfaces need special care to remove the dirt, buildup, grime, or mildew without stripping, ripping, or breaking down the surface you are trying to clean and protect.

Patio pavers specifically have sand between them and underneath them to hold the stones in place and keep them stabilized.  By using high pressure in a stream, you will prematurely remove the protective sand. This is costly and time intensive to replace and can also cause the stones to move. In extreme cases, this can also create trip hazards.

Our low pressure cleaning system safely cleans off the buildup of dirt, algae, moss, and mildew without blasting out the wanted sand.

Once exterior surfaces are clean and free of mold and mildew, we apply our proprietary clear sealing agent. This agent has a shine during the application but once dry, it is impossible to see the barrier until it rains or it gets wet. This clear agent is a non-slip savior to your surfaces that will keep your surfaces clean for an extended period of time as it hinders the regrowth of mold, mildew, and algae. It’s a great way to keep your pavers and surfaces looking better for longer!

Using our commercial grade equipment, our technicians have the experience, skill, knowledge, and signature products to effectively pre-treat and pressure wash your exterior surfaces to bring them back to their best condition and keep them that way with our signature protective sealing agent.

Accustomed to large jobs, we have the proper equipment and enough length to meet the demands of commercial properties that may include highrise buildings and multiple stories.

While Clean N Dry’s exterior pressure washing and sealing services were created primarily for and designed for commercial clients, we offer these services to residential customers who can benefit from our experience.

To protect and maintain exterior surfaces, professional pressure washing of buildings, fences, pavers, patios, concrete driveways, and concrete decking around pools should be considered on average of twice a year.

To protect your exterior surface investments, Clean N Dry offers free estimates and yearly maintenance plans.

Our teams are extremely experienced, knowledgeable, on the scene with fast response times, reliable and trustworthy, thoughtful in their processes, and we have experience and credibility with insurers. Our customer first attitude is the cherry on top as we provide the services that you need.



Our water restoration teams are IIRCR trained and certified. Keeping our team up to date with the latest training and best practices ensures jobs completed correctly, professionally, and completely.

We maintain the proper licenses, insurance, continuing education, and customer satisfaction ratings to be included on the largest insurance company referral lists, yet we are locally family owned and operated for the personal care and commitment you need during a tragedy. We have worked with AND ARE APPROVED WITH every major insurer and continue to put our customers first. You choose us, and we work with the insurance company FOR YOU.

Our teams and technicians have worked in every type of personal residence; from apartments to mansions and also for every major hotel chain and many commercial businesses in Central Florida. We have great references from consistently providing professional results. Choose a company that has experience, is trustworthy in your home, and who knows how to get the job done right.

Please take the time to read our reviews. We take pride in our work and helping families and businesses get back to their pre-loss condition. When things go wrong, you need help that will get the job done correctly. When you see the Clean N Dry trucks show up, you know you’ll get great service and excellent results.

From our good standing with the Better Business Bureau and every major insurer in the U.S. to our stellar customer reviews and references, you know you’re in good hands and can have confidence in good outcomes when you work with CLEAN N DRY.

When You See CLEAN N DRY Pull Up, You Know You Can look Forward To Great Service And Great Results!


Claudine Binz

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Always professional, always with a smile. That is not common anymore. These folks are the go to people for small, medium or large projects. The price is right and the service is amazing. Chad and the Queen of Clean Estella are the names to remember.

Aitza Del Valle

5 5 1
By far, the best customer oriented company in the area! Chad is very knowledgeable and truly cares about his customers. They quickly responded to our inquiries and explained their process step by step. We highly recommend them! They offer a great service!

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