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Residential Tile Cleaning & Grout Cleaning and Protection
Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing Clean and Dry Orlando
Residential Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Tile and Grout Cleaning & Stain Protection

Our tile and grout cleaning and sealing services are unsurpassed in the industry. We use signature cleaning agents specifically produced for tile and grout. We begin with an alkaline based pre-spray that is safe for pets, kids, and stainless steel appliances.  Next we high-pressure clean your tile and grout using a powerful truck-mounted hot water cleaning and extraction system that heats the water to 220 degrees and can perform at 1200 psi.

Our signature methods break through dirt and grime to get greasy dirt from foot and shoe traffic up and off without damaging your tile and grout surfaces.

Our products, technologies, and methods were developed to clean high-end commercial properties that have significant investments in their flooring and must maximize the life of their floors. We recognize the need to use tough products that can be PH balanced in the process to get the job done without wearing away at the natural shine and durable finishes of tiles and grout.

For our residential customers, we happily give you and your floors the commercial treatment! You can rest assured that our technicians strive to bring your tile and grout to its best condition possible while protecting the life of your investment.

We suggest our signature sealant to protect your newly cleaned floors. In addition to protecting your clean floors from new stains, our sealant creates a more durable surface to slow the obvious and most used tracks and paths walked throughout your home.

The benefits of our work ethic and high-end products can be seen and felt. We know tile and grout and we proudly Clean N Dry the city of Orlando.

Give us a call and find out how our experienced and courteous technicians can bring your floors back to beautiful!


What Does Our Residential Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing Process Look Like?

First, we walk with you through your home to identify any trouble areas.

We identify the carpet fiber type and construction, and look for any potentially permanent stains.

Next, we pre-spray your entire carpet with a neutral signature product designed to break down soils and bring any dirt to the surface.

Next, we agitate. This is an optional step.

Our commercial grade counter rotating brush agitates any dirt and soil up to the surface for a deep-down clean. This is an optional step that our technician will discuss with you on-site based on whether or not your carpets could benefit from agitation.

Next, we Hot Water Steam and Extract.

Our commercial grade systems operate at up to 240 degrees fahrenheit and 600 psi with an extremely powerful truck mount extraction system to pull out excess moisture. Our technicians adjust the temperatures and power needed uniquely for each type of carpet, soil, or stain to ensure the most professional results.

If any stains remain, we re-treat the specific spot using a more aggressive signature product for the type of stain it is. We then Agitate and Hot Water Extract that spot again.

We can get just about anything out, but there are occasional stains that will not come out. Show us and tell us as much as you can about a worrisome spot during our inspection walk. We always do our best to restore your carpets to their pre-soiled condition.

Next, we apply our proprietary Stain-Guard. This is an optional step.

This durable product lasts for up to 2 Hot Water Steam and Extraction cleanings and helps your carpets repel any new soils or stains between cleanings. This optional step can save your carpets from permanent stains and extend the time between cleanings, saving you money and from worry and grief.

Every customer receives a free application of our signature malodor/deodorizer with a light fresh scent to go along with your Clean N Dry carpets.

Our malodor product isn’t just a deodorizer, it fights bacteria and works in sync with our neutral products for the freshest, longest lasting clean carpets and living areas.

Last, we set commercial grade air movers strategically throughout your home to move lots of air over your clean carpets.

This entices any remaining moisture to be caught up into the air flow of your home and finally dispense through the return of your air conditioning unit to the outside of your home.

What our clients say

"...they were here quickly and worked fast. Everyone was really nice and professional. I am happy with my floors again. I would recommend Clean And Dry to my friends."

L. Lopez Homeowner

"Impressive response time and friendly management. We recommend Clean and Dry.  Great service and clean results."

E. Shelton G.M. The Suite Inns

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